Michael Lohan Calls Leading Alcohol & Drug Addiction Intervention Expert Carmine Thompson

Michael Lohan has struggled with alcoholism, drug addiction and legal issues for many years. His daughter, Lindsay Lohan, continues to have similar problems publicly displayed throughout the media. Fortunately, Michael has been in recovery and abstinent for several years now, but his ongoing battle with codependency has remained a challenge. Wanting to receive further help and insight for this psychologically unhealthy personality disorder, Michael took part in Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab where renown addiction and recovery expert, Dr. Drew Pinsky, offers well-known celebrity patients the opportunity to chronicle their journey in rehab before a viewing audience. In addition to Michael’s appearance on the show, this season’s cast also includes; Amy Fisher, Bai Ling, Dwight Gooden, Jeremy Jackson, Jessica “Suga” Kiper, Sean Young and Steven Adler.

Michael has expressed an interest in learning more about what can be done when a loved one is refusing treatment. His familiarity with the dangers of doing nothing when someone is suffering from addiction is all too real. After teaming up with Inspirations for Youth and Families clinic in Florida, he started performing interventions. He told website RadarOnline.com: “I’m going to be doing interventions. Lindsay is 100 percent behind what I’m doing and I look forward to this entire journey not only with my family but with the Inspiration youth program as well.”

Wanting to increase his skill level, Michael called upon the industries leading interventionist, Carmine Thompson of Intervention Allies. He was immediately taught evidence-based methods that deliver pretty amazing results. Carmine Thompson brought Michael along to observe an intervention he performed in Florida. He was shown ways to significantly increase the likelihood of getting someone help and minimize distractions. Implementing improved upon intervention methods, Carmine expertly broke through denial, pinpointed the blocks and addressed what was preventing the person from making a commitment. Michael, Carmine and the client were soon headed to a preferred rehab in the Palm Beach area much to the delight and surprise of the family.

We are relied upon every day to restore hope and save someone’s loved one from self-destructive behavior explained Carmine. Interventions are oftentimes the first step in the recovery process. We basically rescue someone who is lost at sea and provide them with a liferaft back to shore. Helping families get an unwilling addicted family member to treatment is a huge responsibility. We are very appreciative to be given the opportunity to assist those who call on us.

Having lost my brother Tommy to an overdose, I chose this specialized area of addiction treatment to prevent other families from experiencing this same loss. At the time of Tommy’s death, we didn’t know how to help him. We rested our hopes on him somehow snapping out of it. People are much more aware today, thanks primarily to the A&E Show Intervention. However, most people still think the person has to be ready or hit bottom before they can be helped. That can be disastrous, as in Tommy’s case, so a pro-active approach is recommended.

There are very skilled professionals in our industry. I suggest using someone who is experienced, qualified and passionate. When it comes to an intervention, you only get one bite at the apple, so you want ensure the odds are stacked in your favor when performing this option.

If someone you know needs help for alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders or a mental health related issue, please don’t hesitate to contact a recovery support specialist at: 800-980-3927

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